Firehalt Fire Protection specialises in  the installation and maintenance of passive fire protection systems.

It starts by being a true passive fire protection installer first. All members of the management team have worked from the ground up, on the 'tools', and have been responsible for the installation, supervision, management, execution and completion on a range of projects.

This means we have the hands on knowledge and expertise to deliver the best possible solutions for each project, the right selection of certified and tested systems that suit the job and are cost effective.

We are approved installers of a wide range of the leading fire protective products available on the market.

All of our employees and management are trained to work safely, are empowered to make decisions, focused on identifying and achieving the client's objectives, all helping to identify and resolve issues quickly, We encourage all our staff to further develop their expertise through study and training courses which lead to further accreditation and certification.

Firehalt are free from any ties to manufacturers, which ensures we have access to the widest range of cost effective products and solutions to suit our clients specifications.


 Our core values are

  • Firehalt works with its clients as a team, working together to achieve the same objective, safely, on time and professionally
  • Customer Service
  • Health and Safety
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Training

We are one of the best Passive Fire Protection Companies. We believe we will remain so by constantly improving our skills and practices.